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Royalq has taken the lead in the industry with its one-click system to set up your quantitative trading system. It realizes intelligent trading and does real-time monitoring as well as tracking big data algorithms.

Royalq’s sophisticated algorithms adjust real-time market conditions in order to maximize user profits. Your income will be assured continuously with real-time monitoring for 24/7 hours.

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Royalq Globale

The advantages of Royalq

Royalq globale uses a Fusion intelligent quantification method. It’s a multi-strategy and multi-technological exploration of AI, big data, and internet technologies. Users only need to choose the appropriate investment style and click the key to start in order to begin smart financial management. The system will automatically match the appropriate strategy to market conditions for users’ needs. As a result, customers can gain the maximum amount of profit.



No sentimental feelings about the bears & bulls. Advanced mathematical equations are being used to replace subjective judgments. Trading bot computer technology is only selecting "High Probability" events, i.e., ones with high returns from large investments.


Real-time strategy

Royalq can adapt to different trading styles as per the user's discretion. Royalq will take you through the bull or bear with profit which will be an easy ride for you. With trade logic, you can make all the difference and earn profit.


Quantitative trading strategy

AI algorithms are used to match trading strategies to the market. This removes the need for human judgment and reduces the possibility of mismatches in the time.

Easy and simple to operate

It’s very easy to use. Users just need to bind Huobi and/or Binance exchange APIs, then they need to select the currency and strategy style. After that, they can easily implement intelligent fool-style financial management.

Artificial Intelligence

AI algorithms monitor the 24/7, provide powerful analysis and processing capabilities, and execute corresponding operation strategies.

Royalq Globale

4 major reasons for choosing Royalq Globale of the crypto traders


Strategy of professional traders

You can sync with professional traders so that you take advantage of their strategies. This can be especially profitable, some circles displaying even a 102112.59% profit rate.


99.99% profit guaranteed

So why isn't it a 100% sure thing? Well, suppose a robot bought $100 worth of bitcoin. The only way to really "lose" money is if the crypto-assets you have go below $0, but that's not likely to happen with Bitcoin. So in the long run, you'll be profitable.


Emotionless trading

You need to have a long time of practice and have to make sure that you understand the market dynamics before getting into crypto trading. Unlike investing where you hold for a long time, with trading there are many more buying and selling in such periods. Robots don't have their own emotions like us, so they always make optimal decisions based on the algorithm. The Royalq Globale robot is perfect for maximizing profits.

Smart artificial intelligence

Quantitative strategy is an advanced mathematical model for crypto-trading that developed by industry professionals, including statisticians, programmers, and investment analysts. The idea is to identify cryptocurrencies with a higher probability of outperforming an index. The system never sleeps, so you don't need to worry about it. It will work for you 24/7


Robot makes it easier

Quantitative trading made by AI robot serves you 24/7 with multiple styles or experienced strategies. Best platform for beginners!




Royalq intelligent quantitative system, the full English name of Royalq uantitative, is a system that focuses on artificial intelligence quantitative trading. 4 years of digital currency trading system quantitative strategy development experience, has successively built quantitative systems for many international private equity funds, and perfect investment quantitative strategy models , To maximize the utilization of member funds, and to help members maximize their profits through quantitative transactions in the digital currency market.


What Successful Traders Say About Us ?

We have a genuine customer base for our AI services and we are grateful to receive their feedback on our service.

Royalq Globale

Frequently Asked Questions

Royalq Globale is an automatic bot that purchases and sells the top crypto projects for you. The bot is powered by AI connected with your Binance or Huobi account through API settings, 24/7.

Our annual fee is $120 of which you can use $20 as a fuel fee which is considered a performance rate. You’ll keep 80% and Royalq Globale will take only 20% of your fuel money when the Royalq Globale bot sells trade in profit.

V1 When you activate your account with $120, you automatically become V1. That means that you can trade or use the affiliate program to make money. When you register a friend or person, you get 30% - $30 and 20% of the earnings they generate.

V2 To get level V2 you must bring in 3 activated members to form a team together. Register up to 20 activated members for a 10% cut and a 40% direct referral bonus.

V3 Refer 5 people directly and bring in 100 persons to obtain V3, you'll get a commission of 40% team reward. You will get a 50% direct referral commission too.

V4 Refer 8 people directly and bring in 300 persons to obtain V4, you'll get a commission of 50% team reward. You will get a 60% direct referral commission too.

V5 Refer 12 people directly and bring in 800 persons to obtain V5, you'll get a commission of 55% team reward. You will get a 65% direct referral commission too.

V6 Compensation plan

Refer 20 people directly and bring in 1500 persons to obtain V6, you'll get a commission of 60% team reward. You will get a 70% direct referral commission too.

Royalq Global is designed as a strategy-based trading platform. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can trade in this global market with just a single click. The platform automatically applies the best strategies for the most profit.

Royalq is a legit company. It is not a scam like some of these scams out there. It trades for you using funds for your Binance or Huobi account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even while you sleep.

Your capital is safe as it is deposited in your Binance or Huobi USDT wallet, which is one of the most secure crypto exchanges available. Royal Q Globale costs only $120 per year whereas other prominent trading bots charge as much as $100 per month.

At first, go to “Mine” at the bottom right to activate the app.

Then, click on “Asset” in the third row. You’ll see 3 options: “Deposit”, “Withdraw”, and “Transfer”.

Click on the “Deposit” option to copy your Royal Q Globale account USDT wallet address.

After that, you can send $120 USDT (TRC-20) to the wallet address and click activate in order to activate your account.